Noces de Paillettes

Inclusive and LGBT+friendly Wedding Planner

Un soupçon de paillettes

Coaching for your wedding

You're getting married, but how to begin ?

You are blocked on a detail  (place, ceremony, planning, …) ? Your relatives are great, but you are not sures about their advices.

You want a kind help and keep a total control on your wedding ? “Un soupçon de paillettes” is made for you ! One meeting, or more (around a real or virtual coffee) and we will unlock together all the worries which stop you in the creation of your dreaming wedding.

Price: From 120 € for 2h with me (volume discounts)

This service includes

2h of personnalized advices

To make informed choices about your wedding location, to check according budget and desires, or to create a realistic planning, I answer your questions.

Meeting at home

You are not in Orleans ?
We'll meet on video ! No travel expenses for you or me, flexibility, you can have my advices in France or all around the world !

An adaptable service

You need only 2h to unlock a problem or a reel coaching during all the planning of your wedding ? I will adapt to your needs (price included) !

But also :

Exemples of degressive formulas

D-Day in1 year

Price  : 400€

Help ! We are lost !

Price  : 300€

Lay cérémony

Price  : 220€

This service will be good for you ? I’m glad. Please, contact me !

Or I do that directly here, in Calendly !

SIRET : 908 380 975 00015

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Inclusive and LGBT+friendly Wedding Planner