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Inclusive and LGBT+friendly wedding planner

About me

Smile, you're getting married !

After the proposal, you try to plan and figure out everything for the wedding. And the smile disapear …

Don’t panic ! It’s my job to guide you in this maze. Your smiles will be our compass to help you create this magical moment of your dreams.

My journey

I am Pauline, I am a wedding planner. My role is to assure me you will have glitters in your eyes and a smile on yours faces during all the preparation,  the wedding day and a month after.

After ten years like history and geaography teacher and the planninf of my own wedding with the women of my life, I want to live the school benches for the wedding’s.

I was formed to Wedding Business School since marche 2021 to november 2021 by three professionnal wedding planners.

Today, armed with my books and my hightlighters, I assist you in the creation of your wedding day : atmosphere, choice of providers, day planning, nothing shall escape to my sharp eye.


My values

A wedding just like you

Today, there are so many possibilities to getting married, and no wedding will have to look like an other. It's a celebration of your love, of your couple and this one is unique!

Inclusive and LGBT+friendly

It's very important to me to welcome you in a bubble of love, inclusive and which respects you in your entireties. I consider yours personnal journeys and your couple.

A common construction

"But we always did that !" is not in my vocabulary. I don't impose a wedding, I don't do the one the neighbours had, we create your unique and special day !

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Inclusive and LGBT+friendly Wedding Planner