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Inclusive and LGBT+friendly wedding planner

About me

Smile, you're getting married !

After the proposal, you try to plan and figure out everything for the wedding. That is when the smile disapear …

Don’t panic ! It is my job to guide you through this maze. Your smiles will be my compass to help you create this magical moment of your dreams.

My journey

I am Pauline and I am a wedding planner. My role is to ensure you will have glitters in your eyes and a smile on your face during all the preparation,  on the wedding day and until a month after.

After ten years as history and geography teacher and the planning of my own wedding with the women of my life, I wanted to swap pupils to happy couples.

I studied at the Wedding Business School from March 2021 to November 2021, where I was trained by three professional wedding planners.

Today, armed with my notebooks and my highlighters, I assist you in the creation of your wedding day : atmosphere, choice of vendors, Big Dayplanning, nothing shall escape my sharp eye. 


My values

A wedding just like you

Nowadays, there are so many possibilities to get married, and no wedding should have to look like an other. It is a celebration of your love, of your couple, and this one is unique! No limit to your dreams!

Inclusive and LGBT+friendly

It is very important for me to welcome you in a bubble of love, which is inclusive and respects you fully as you are. I take into consideration your personal journey and your couple with no judgment.

A common construction

"This is the way it always be done!" is not in my vocabulary. I do not impose a wedding on you, I do not imitate the one the neighbours had : we create your unique and special wedding day! Let is sparkled!

Do you think we can plan the most beautiful wedding together? Let’s meet me and talk about it! Click on this button to contact me

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Inclusive and LGBT+friendly Wedding Planner